What truly separates a professional photographer from a hobbyist is the ability to create killer images any time of day in any environment with any subject matter. To do this you must have the ability to control light in whatever way the situation requires. It’s not about memorizing a couple set-ups and camera settings. It’s about learning to think and see.

Our goal in this workshop is not to wow you with what we can do, but to teach you to do it yourself. You will leave having successfully learned how to light a subject in many different scenarios. We want you to feel comfortable enough by the end of our time together that you can go home and implement what you’ve learned into your client shoots with confidence.

We’ll start off in the studio building different lighting designs. Dan will share his most used studio setups, and everyone will practice shooting indoors to get comfortable placing and balancing light. Then we’ll take what we’ve learned and move outdoors to practice it with the added variables of ambient light and the elements. We'll spend the last day learning Dan’s retouching process as he finishes images from the previous days.

The Light It Up Workshop will take place April 7th–9th at our studio in Ames, Iowa. See schedule details below.

In order to provide our attendees with one-on-one instruction, this workshop will be limited to 12 participants only. Cost per participant is $1590 and includes lunch and refreshments each day.  Upon registration, you will receive an invoice by email for a $500 retainer required to reserve your spot.


2020 Workshop Schedule

April 6: Optional meet and greet at the studio from 7–9 pm

April 7: 9am–6pm; optional group dinner at 6:30pm

April 8: 9am–6pm; optional group dinner at 6:30pm

April 9: 8am–1pm


The nearest airport to us is the Des Moines International Airport (DSM), located 50 mins south of the studio.

Rental cars can be reserved at the airport. If you do not wish to rent a car, it will be possible to get here without one. Shuttles run between the airport and Ames by reservation ($66 round trip or as low as $36 round trip if people coordinate booking). You could use Uber or the hotel's shuttle service to get to and from the studio each day.