Yellowbrick: The Envy Corps

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing The Envy Corps again for the newest Yellowbrick cover. If you are unfamiliar with their music, do yourself a favor and purchase all of it. Seriously. We're HUGE fans!

The shoot was short and sweet - we photographed everything outdoors in sub-zero temperatures so hastiness was required to avoid death by hypothermia. Their new album is darker and more raw than their previous releases (though I haven't heard any of it yet), so we created imagery to match. The new issue of YB hits newsstands today so make sure you pick up a copy! The lit images were shot using 2 Canon speedlights and some gels. Here are the goods:

History On Repeat

Earlier this year I had a killer cover shoot for Yellowbrick Magazine featuring History on Repeat from Des Moines (we have their EP in our frequent rotation at the studio - seriously good stuff). The band drove down to the studio for the shoot. The cover concept was a heroic looking sunset shot, but it was raining hard so we ended up faking it. I shot the band in studio and composited them onto sky photographed at a later date (see the Behind The Scenes photos below). The guys were really cool and agreed to go outside with me to shoot in the rain. We started with umbrellas, but those were quickly discarded in exchange for maximum soakage (I stayed under an umbrella to protect the camera). It's amazing how great images can come out of seemingly terrible shooting conditions! For you photographers reading this, the guy in the fedora is the son of photography superstar Lori Nordstrom. Enjoy the images and make sure you give the band a listen!

Samantha Gratton snapped some behind the scenes photos (she's married to musical mastermind Scott Gratton who's mad ups were featured on our photoshoot with The Magazines). Here's our setup for the composited cover:

And here's a peek at my secret photography weapon, the stripey umbrella:

Christopher the Conquered

I got to spend some time recently with Christopher the Conquered and photograph a portrait for Yellowbrick Magazine. Due to the complexity of everyone's schedule, our photoshoot ended up taking place at about 10pm in the alleyway behind our studio. Chris and company have a large reputation for their live performances (Great group energy with the whole being much more than the sum of its parts), and that's the feeling we tried to convey in the final image. The band was great to work with and had no reserves about hauling out their gear on a weeknight to get the shot. Here's what we came up with:

Poison Control Center

Recently I got to spend an afternoon with Poison Control Center shooting a cover for Yellowbrick Magazine + shooting some promo images for their new album “Sad Sour Future.” PCC has toured the country and played with huge names including The Flaming Lips (they have a similar sound, but unique in a fantastically charming way) and you should listen to their tunage here, or buy their albums here!One of the best things about PCC is that they’re up for anything and it’s hard to not have a fun time when you’re with them. This sums it up better than words (thank you Willhoit for shooting the video clips!):

Poison Control Center for Yellowbrick from Dan McClanahan on Vimeo.

The cover photo is remaining top secret until Yellowbrick Issue 5 drops next month so be sure pick up a free copy at a Hot Topic/Guitar Center/music venue near you to see the final product. Our local music scene has never been better and Yellowbrick is at the forefront of it. If you’ve never picked up a copy, I strongly encourage you to check it out and support it as it grows. (plus every issue comes with free mp3’s)! Here are some favorite stills from the shoot, starting with our tinfoil robot theme…

…then we headed across the street to Hotel Fort Des Moines and got downright artsy fartsy… …and ending up playing with my new Canon G11 + underwater housing at a local indoor pool (with clothes on)…

It’s shoots like this that make photography feel like the greatest job in the world, maybe only second to being a professional ice-cream taster and/or civil war re-enactment enthusiast (if you are either of these, please call me and lets hang out).

As always, your feedback and random quips are welcome in the form of comments (we like it when you let us know you stopped by)!