Wedding Ideas: Winter Fur

Having a cold weather wedding? Make sure to remember a jacket so you can still embrace outdoor photos. We loved Holly's choice of a faux fur that matched the lace of her dress perfectly. You'd never be able to tell is was under 30 degrees F with the warmth in her genuine smile (opposed to chattering teeth). To see more of Holly & Jay's "Christmas in NY" themed wedding, click here!

Jay & Holly (married)

We've had the privilege of getting to know Jay's family over the past few years so we were extra excited when Jay and Holly got engaged and wanted us to be their photographers! Their December wedding ceremony took place in the chapel at Hope Lutheran Church in West Des Moines. Thanks to the extremely mild winter this year we were able to photograph most of their portraits outside. Holly's Ivory dress with fur coat and Jay's tan suit looked stunning against the golden browns of winter trees at sunset. It was a treat to witness their joy. Their reception took place at the Foxboro in Johnston. It was immaculately decorated by Jay's parents Sheri & Stan, two wonderful people that have the gift of touching the lives of everyone they come in contact with. They sprinkled the ceiling with snowflakes and filled the room with Christmas trees, lights and decorations that transformed the room into a winter wonderland. It was the perfect end to a wonderful wedding day.

Coney Island

Today I'd like to share a series of images I rediscovered recently. These were shot last year on our Canon G11. These are some favorite snaps from an afternoon spent with good friends at Coney Island. I'd wanted to visit Coney for a long time because one of my favorite bands wrote a song about it. Click here and listen to it (it's what I listened to while going through the images and it might create an interesting soundtrack to your viewing experience). The afternoon was a blast and Coney had a charming feel to it. It was almost as if we were stuck in an old movie. The images tell the story better than my words:  

Emily & Mike

Emily and Mike's wedding unfolded on a beautiful Saturday in Minneapolis. Emily has an incredible eye for detail and filled the day with personal touches: everything from homemade wooden signs to a handkerchief made from both her grandmothers wedding dresses. Autumn vintage style emanated out of everything from flowers to reception venue and added immense charm to the experience. Emily and Mike's ceremony was at St. Peter's Catholic Church, where Emily attended school, and their reception was held at the fantastic Nicollet Island Pavilion. The pair was a blast to photograph because they have great senses of humor and chemistry. We captured a number of stellar portraits on the banks of the Mississippi between the ceremony and reception. We also need to give a shout out to the super cool wedding party (their lovely blurs featured below)! The dance floor was HOPPIN with energy and guests were given a show when Mike was iced by Emily as he went for her garter during the garter toss (it was epic)! At 10pm a gelato cart appeared next to the dance floor and guests were treated with Emily's favorite snack from her semester in Italy. We snuck out back with the couple for one last skyline portrait (below) at the end of the night.

Ann & Chase

Ann and Chase had a beautiful wedding ceremony at First United Methodist Church in Mason City, IA. After the ceremony we photographed some couple portraits at the Clear Lake Central Gardens, which had beautiful post–storm light and color (it rained all morning). When the storm clouds passed the sky broke into a slew of radiant colors and made for some epic couple portraits with Chase's prized Camero SS. We loved how Ann's vintage attire fit with the feeling of the day (she rocked it). Festivities concluded with a hoppin' dinner reception at the Best Western Holiday Lodge. Ann and Chase were so fun to hang out with, we wish them the best in their marriage!

Anastasia & Dustin

Anastasia & Dustin had a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the terrace of the Jester Park Lodge in Granger, IA, with a lunch reception immediately following inside the lodge. Because Anastasia is a graduate assistant in the photography program at Iowa State, her officiant delivered a very cool message full of metaphors between marriage and photography. The whole event from the flower arrangements to the programs was elegantly  branded with brown, autumn orange and green - all with a vintage touch. The vibe of the whole day was very laid back and the wedding party was exceptionally rad to hang out with. At the end of the day it was particularly fun to hang out with with Dustin and his groomsmen as they smoked celebratory cigars out on the expansive lawn overlooking Saylorville Lake. Congratulations Anastasia & Dustin, we wish you the best together!

Liz & Joel

Liz and Joel are a fantastic couple. It's been a genuine pleasure becoming friends with them through working together. Their wedding ceremony was held in Lawrence, Kansas at First Baptist Church with reception following at Abe and Jake's (which is one of the coolest reception venues we've ever seen). The weather was painfully hot and humid, but Liz and Joel didn't let the heat spoil their fun. We improvised and photographed all of their portraits at Abe and Jake's, which ended up providing us with a plethora of great air-conditioned photo-ops. Both Liz and Joel's families were very warm, welcoming and helpful throughout the day which made the wedding even more fun to shoot! The wedding party was rad, and we particularly enjoyed the brown + green color scheme (especially the matching VANS on all the guys). Liz's simplistically classic dress was the icing on the cake :) Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Seiberling!

Also, here's a favorite image from Liz & Joel's engagement session last year that will shed a little light on their fun-loving personalities. This is the classroom where Liz and Joel first met while attending Iowa State University, and we re-created the humble beginnings of their relationship: