Laura & James (married)

This post has been a long time coming, but it's better late than never! These are some of our favorite portraits from Laura & James' December wedding. Don't let the lack of snow fool you – it was pretty darn chilly, but the couple let us take them outside anyway! Laura is Dan's cousin, thus making James our new cousin–in–law, thus making this image series an extra special one for us. It's been a joy to watch Laura grow from little girl into beautiful woman and find a man worthy of becoming her husband. James has a sweet Mustang and he's disproved the "White Men Can't Jump" myth (see below), so he's doing a great job increasing our family's street cred! the following images were photographed at Brookside Park and our studio in downtown Ames. Enjoy!

Alicia & Ben (married)

Alicia and Ben's knot-tying commenced on a beautiful day in downtown Des Moines, IA. Their evening ceremony was held at the historic Saint Ambrose Cathedral with reception following at The Scottish Rite (one of our favorite venues! currently featured on our web site). We photographed most of our portraits on the streets of Des Moines in-between the two venues (which are walking distance from one another). Alicia and Ben's mutual excitement was infectious and was a joy to behold! Ben's constant affection towards his bride and Alicia's ceaseless smile are definitely indicators that they've got something extraordinary going on. Alicia's little sister was a huge part of the day, helping out in any way she could, and is a clear case of 10 going on 30. Her lack of camera shyness also made her a blast to photograph (see below). Please enjoy a few of our favorite images from their wedding, and if you just can't get enough Alicia & Ben you can see a few of their engagement photos here.

Josie & Tyler

We knew it was going to be a great day when upon making our first portrait suggestion, elevating Josie and her bridesmaids into dusty wall-squares, everybody's eyes lit up and they immediately started hoisting each other into place. This wedding party was potentially the most fun wedding party ever (as you can see below), maybe even in the history of the world! Tyler had the brilliant idea of playing dodgeball in the park, so of course we obliged. Despite scorching heat and otherwise unpleasant conditions, everybody was determined to make the most of the day and it made our job as image-makers a true joy. Josie & Tyler's wedding was in Rock Island, IL at Broadway Presbyterian Church with reception immediately following at the Moline Club. It was apparent that the couple brings out the best in one another (a trait noted many times by friends and family throughout the day). It was also apparent that the specialness of their wedding was founded first and foremost on their deep-seeded mutual faith, which gave their wedding a supernatural level of intimacy. We have no doubts that their marriage will be great and we're thankful for the time we got to spend with them on their wedding day!