Sabbatical Part 3: Grand Canyon

After 2 weeks in Vegas we were ready to get the heck out of the city and back home to Iowa. We loaded Bob (our car) and hit the road with one last sight to see on our checklist: the Grand Canyon. Jim Dale made our drive a lot more fun with his audio recording of Harry Potter 7 which we listened to in preparation for the big movie this Summer. We arrived at the Grand Canyon just in time for sunset, which gave us 30 minutes to capture the first image below before it got too dark to shoot. Our initial plan was to keep driving, but after catching a glimpse of the Canyon we changed our plans and spent the night so we could have a little more time to gawk in the morning. We woke up early to hit the trail for a sunrise hike and a few more photos before hitting the road again. Despite the shortness of the stop, it was well worth the detour. The Canyon is so epically huge that photos can't possibly do it justice (despite our best efforts) and it's something you should make a note to see in your lifetime. Please enjoy our photos and leave your feedback in the comments!

Heather & Kyle

We've had the pleasure of knowing Heather and Kyle for pretty much their entire relationship. Heather was Alex's roommate through college and we remember hearing all about Kyle right after she met him. Our history with the couple made photographing them a very personal and exciting task. To make things more exciting, Heather asked Alex to be in the wedding (see: the hot bridesmaid at bottom left of the last image. Alex is gonna kill me when she reads that). Heather and Kyle's ceremony was a photographers dream: a lakeside ceremony at sunset underneath the giant tree at The Inn in Okaboji, IA. The setting was cinematic with the steady breeze from the lakefront, the intimate sound of the tide against the shore and the glow of the cascading sun painting the scene with warmth. The wedding party was a fun-loving bunch that kept the party rolling all day. Heather's favorite thing in the world (after Kyle, of course) is ice cream! Kyle is lactose intolerant, so we of course had to stop for some ice cream at the famous Nutty Bar Stand in Arnold's Park during couple portraits. Kyle was a good sport about it (see below).

We love you both and wish the best to you in your married life!