A few months back we had the privilege of teaching at After Dark Education in Tucson, AZ. One of Dan's classes took a rock band (girl group RGB) on location for a late night shoot with the purpose of thinking outside the box and experimenting with creative techniques and compositions to create high-impact images. Here's a look at how the images turned out:

Here's a behind the scenes look at the setup... We used Canon speedlights for our lighting, usually with gels appropriately colored to exaggerate the RGB theme:

These gals were great to work with, as was everybody that came to the class!

Kat & Eric

Eric and Kat are rockstars, even more so than most of the actual rockstars we’ve met in our day. Their personalities exude a cool confidence and they know how to light up a room. We knew Eric from our college years. He was a coordinator for the M-Shop where Dan was a sound-tech and we shared a number of memorable experiences together (typically involving music, late nights and chinese food). When he called us up and said he was engaged, we knew his fiancee would be an awesome gal. Kat easily exceeded all of our expectations! Her personality is a perfect compliment to Eric’s and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed having front row seats to witness their chemistry through our lenses. Eric and Kat’s wedding day unfolded at Snus Hill Winery (the same place we got married!) and they were blessed with beautiful weather for their outdoor ceremony. The following are some of our favorite images from the wedding, mostly portraits that we love because Kat and Eric look so darn rad together:

Also, we feel inclined to introduce you to Eric & Kat's "children," Penny and Fred, that they brought along for their engagement session:

Lastly, here are a couple shots we love from the engagement session:

Kat & Eric - we love you guys! Thanks so much for entrusting us with the task of documenting your day!