Jocelyn Part 1

It's no secret that working with musicians is one of our favorite things to do. There isn't much of a scene in central Iowa, so when an Iowa band comes along that's kicking butt and taking names – it's pretty darn exciting. Jocelyn is headquartered in Iowa City and is on the verge of releasing their first EP. You can hear their first single on their Facebook page. We got a sneak preview of the EP and it's gonna be good! It's We photographed promo images for the band in 2 parts, the second of which will be released down the road. Enjoy part 1 and make sure you check out their tunes and share the love!

The Anytime

We recently had the opportunity to work with The Anytime, a club rock band hailing from Ames (right in our own backyard)! Check them out on facebook to hear their tunes and tell them how great their hair is! We photographed album art and promo images for their new album, Crave (which you can download in iTunes here). The photoshoot was groovy and the dudes were fun to hang out with. Shout out to Victoria Harding for assisting me on this one (check out her 365 blog full of goodness)! Here are a few of our favorite images from the shoot (everything shot at our studio):

Yellowbrick: The Envy Corps

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing The Envy Corps again for the newest Yellowbrick cover. If you are unfamiliar with their music, do yourself a favor and purchase all of it. Seriously. We're HUGE fans!

The shoot was short and sweet - we photographed everything outdoors in sub-zero temperatures so hastiness was required to avoid death by hypothermia. Their new album is darker and more raw than their previous releases (though I haven't heard any of it yet), so we created imagery to match. The new issue of YB hits newsstands today so make sure you pick up a copy! The lit images were shot using 2 Canon speedlights and some gels. Here are the goods:

Poison Control Center

Recently I got to spend an afternoon with Poison Control Center shooting a cover for Yellowbrick Magazine + shooting some promo images for their new album “Sad Sour Future.” PCC has toured the country and played with huge names including The Flaming Lips (they have a similar sound, but unique in a fantastically charming way) and you should listen to their tunage here, or buy their albums here!One of the best things about PCC is that they’re up for anything and it’s hard to not have a fun time when you’re with them. This sums it up better than words (thank you Willhoit for shooting the video clips!):

Poison Control Center for Yellowbrick from Dan McClanahan on Vimeo.

The cover photo is remaining top secret until Yellowbrick Issue 5 drops next month so be sure pick up a free copy at a Hot Topic/Guitar Center/music venue near you to see the final product. Our local music scene has never been better and Yellowbrick is at the forefront of it. If you’ve never picked up a copy, I strongly encourage you to check it out and support it as it grows. (plus every issue comes with free mp3’s)! Here are some favorite stills from the shoot, starting with our tinfoil robot theme…

…then we headed across the street to Hotel Fort Des Moines and got downright artsy fartsy… …and ending up playing with my new Canon G11 + underwater housing at a local indoor pool (with clothes on)…

It’s shoots like this that make photography feel like the greatest job in the world, maybe only second to being a professional ice-cream taster and/or civil war re-enactment enthusiast (if you are either of these, please call me and lets hang out).

As always, your feedback and random quips are welcome in the form of comments (we like it when you let us know you stopped by)!

The Magazines

The Magazines is a new band from Ames/Des Moines whose initial lineup is comprised of veterans from some of the coolest bands ever to invade Central Iowa’s eardrums (The Lifestyle, Stallions Versus Unicorns, River and the Tributaries, James And James and The Envy Corps, to name a few). Their ideology is the power of community and the strength of friendship (sort of like inverted emo) and they’re prepping to take the world by storm. They’re currently in the studio and will very shortly release an album that’s guaranteed to be worth listening to (many, many, many guest appearances from the sexiest voices this side of the Des Moines River), so check out their web site and start stalking! We did a promo shoot for the band, and here’s preview of the first few images to be released to the public:

Photographically, this is the first shoot I’ve done with my new Canon 580 speedlights (they’re powered by AA’s and small enough to fit in my camera bag), and I’m super happy with how great they worked. Incase you’re wondering: Scott (the yellow shirt dude) is really jumping that high. All I did was lay on the pavement and click the shutter. There will be more images to come (hint: that orange guitar was completely destroyed in more ways than one), and these guys will be playing shows like crazy this summer. There’s nothing like supporting your friendly neighborhood artist, so be sure and catch a show. Not only will the music be hawt, you may be fortunate enough to witness Scott jump in person! More to come <3