Ode to a Beard, Part 2

If you missed Part 1, check it out first! On the evening of "The Great Shave," Dan was having a hard time saying goodbye to his voluptuous bristles. Having seen videos like this, he got inspired to elongate the process and say farewell in stages. Living close to a photography studio has its perks... this series was taken by Dan with a 10-second self timer, a pile of gels, and a closet full of American Apparel T-Shirts. If you're prone to seizures, you probably shouldn't scroll down too far. If you played a lot of Mario Kart growing up, you'll probably love it. In retrospect it's safe to say that Rainbow Road was a subconscious influence on how this turned out:

AD:Vegas Rockstar Photography

***If you're going to After Dark: Cincinnati, use our super awesome code "MAC" to receive $50 off your registration!*** This is pt 2 of a series of posts featuring the classes we teach at After Dark Education events. If you missed Pt 1, check it here. Anywho, Rockstar Photography is one of our absolute favorite classes! The purpose of the class is to break rules and experiment with creative lighting and posing that photographers wouldn't traditionally use in an on-the-job situation. Techniques taught in the class can be used to increase creativity in your group photos (meaning wedding parties, families, etc) and cause your brain cogs to churn in brand new ways. If applied, this will improve your overall artistry and allow your work to stand out from the horde of same-looking photographs currently flooding the world.

For our Vegas class we were given a really cool rock band to work with! We started out doing something we've never done before (because that's the point of the class) and blended some red gels with ambient light to create a psychedelic reality:

This shot is from the exact same location, only the artificial lights were removed and we shot a long exposure using strictly ambient light. Thanks to our class attendees for creating wonderfully ambiance-enhancing blurs:

We shot some quick individuals on some nasty wallpaper with a ring flash. NOT flattering or traditional, but that's what's awesome about it:

And lastly, we took our 3 flashes and put wonky colored gels on them for a creative shot using the natural architecture of the Last Vegas Hilton (where the event took place). We call this one Rainbow Road :)

We'll be teaching this class again in Cincinnati, so if you're intrigued - come check it out!