Jocelyn Part 1

It's no secret that working with musicians is one of our favorite things to do. There isn't much of a scene in central Iowa, so when an Iowa band comes along that's kicking butt and taking names – it's pretty darn exciting. Jocelyn is headquartered in Iowa City and is on the verge of releasing their first EP. You can hear their first single on their Facebook page. We got a sneak preview of the EP and it's gonna be good! It's We photographed promo images for the band in 2 parts, the second of which will be released down the road. Enjoy part 1 and make sure you check out their tunes and share the love!

I'm Prettier Than You

The title of this post doesn't refer to us, because you're so pretty we could never make such a statement. Earlier this Spring we photographed pop-punk band I'm Prettier Than You, winners of the "Rock and Win" promotion through Yellowbrick Magazine (of which we were a sponsor). We took a few standard rock shots on Iowa State's campus and then got goofy and went back in time for some studio shots (inspired by Awkward Family Photos). Hope you enjoy!