Ballroom Dance Lesson was Awesome!

On Saturday we hosted a Ballroom Dance lesson in our studio for our 2010 wedding couples with 3 ideas in mind:1) To get to know the couples better 2) For the couples to get to know other engaged couples from the area and have fun exchanging wedding ideas 3) Because we think everybody should have some sweet moves for their first dance!

The lesson was taught by Jaclyn Hansel and Ryan Damman from Cyclone Ballroom. They taught the Waltz (great for a first dance) and Salsa (great for the rest of the night) and everybody in attendance caught on quickly! I’m excited to see them regurgitate some of what they’ve learned on the dance floor at their weddings! Make sure you check out Cyclone Ballroom’s Web Site and Facebook! They do a lot of teaching locally and we give them a glowing review for their performance on Saturday. Very excellent teachers and very fun people! Here are a few snaps from the event:

Party Time! You're Invited!

We are psyched out of our minds about 2010 and decided to kick it off with a party! If you live in our area we would love to have you come hang out with us and check out our business. Even if you’ve never met us or worked with us we would love to have you come even if it’s just for the free food: And to make this whole thing exponentially cooler, we just launched our Brand New Website (same old url) custom built by our extremely talented and good-looking friend John Likens!!! P.S. The site loads on iPhones – if you have one, try it right now! Lastly, this is the first blog post written from our new location! McClanahan Studio now resides in a 1600 sq ft loft in historic downtown Ames. We haven’t taken any photos of the space yet (photos to come soon), but here’s a photo of the space from 1944 (courtesy the Ames Historical Society): See you at the party!

Harry Potter Party

Long story short, we had a party prior to the Harry Potter premier Tuesday night! Polyjuice potion was drank, every flavored beans were consumed and good times were had by all. Requirement for entry was a top-knotch costume, and we took photos of all the costumes. There will be more posted later, but here are a few to make your head spin while you’re still caught up in the heat of the Harry Potter release:

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Computer Heads win national award!

We just received news that Dan is one of 3 national finalists for an SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) Mark of Excellence Award for “Best Photo Illustration.” The award is for a series he shot as a student at ISU (Published in Ethos Magazine Spring of 2008). His photos accompanied a story about student Internet addiction, particularly in regard to Facebook. For the series we hollowed out CRT computer monitors and turned them into wearable helmets to represent a satire of sorts.

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