PPI Panel Competition

Over the weekend we attended our first PPI convention (Professional Photographers of Iowa). It was a really fun time and we met a plethora of awesome people (who also happen to be the best photographers in the state). Win/Win/Win! If you reading this and are new to photography, you should seriously consider joining. The only catch is you have to live in Iowa.As part of the convention there was a “Panel Competition” where photographers from all over the state went head to head with their best work. Essentially photographers could enter 8 images from a single shoot (all required to be displayed at roughly the same size) on a single 12″x 24″ print. The categories were Weddings, Individual Male, Individual Female, Groups, Kids/Babies and Illustrative. A single photographer could submit up to 4 panels, so we did just that. All of the following photos were taken by Dan and all of the panels were designed by Alex: First up is our awesome senior Hannah (individual woman category) who won 3rd place! 
2nd to bat is our entry in the Weddings category. The images are from Jordan & Whitney’s fantastic wedding early this summer. This panel also took 3rd place! If you haven’t seen their sweet engagement photos yet, check them out. Third we’ve got Brock (individual man category). Quite frankly Brock was a breeze to shoot and credit is owed to him for being awesome! Brock’s panel got Second Place! Our last submission was a series of photos I shot for The Magazines. This panel fell into the “groups” category and ended up winning First Place! There are more images from this shoot a few posts back on the blog and even more on our facebook page. If you haven’t heard of them yet and you like catchy music, check out their singles – the tunes are really quite good.

By the way, to see any of the horizontal panels a bit bigger – click on them! So in summary, we placed in every category we entered and we’re pumped! A special thanks to everybody that worked with us this summer and enabled us to create these photos. 7 Months ago all we had was a dream and a camera and now we’re a fully operational studio producing award winning work, and we couldn’t have done it without you guys! Here’s to a photo-filled future, Dan & Alex