Advertisement for Millers Lab

We recently photographed an advertisement for our friends at Millers that's currently appearing in Professional Photographer magazine and Rangefinder magazine. Our idea was to show how our creative process translates into a printed product. The amazing Maggie (one of our seniors from last year) agreed to let us photograph her for the project because we loved her images so much and wanted to have her standing on herself. The normal-sized lady in the blue dress is Alex, and Dan finally got to put his red Portland pants to use! The image was made by layering several images we photographed in our studio:

Here's a better view of the ad:

And here's a close-up on some of the detail:

We haven't seen it yet ourselves, but we've been told Rangefinder is running our alternate vertical one page ad:

If you're a Rangefinder subscriber, we'd love to see your copy once you're done with it!