Maria & David

In our experience, the best weddings are the ones with plenty of tears, and Maria & David's wedding was no exception. The way David looked at Maria was enviable in the best way and both families were  joy-filled for the union of their children. The outdoor ceremony took place at the beautiful Reiman Gardens (which was in full bloom) and the forecasted rain held off until the conclusion of the ceremony. David is from El Salvador and many of the wedding guests were Spanish-speaking, so much of the ceremony was translated. David's extended family got a kick out of our terrible broken Spanish while we instructed them during family photos and it was fun to communicate using gestures and non-verbals. Their reception immediately followed the ceremony in the Great Hall of the Iowa State Memorial Union. Definitely noteworthy is their first dance! Maria and David first met while dancing at Iowa State and they've been dancing together since. We've been told their first dance was mostly improvised, but the Latin-themed extravaganza had everybody's attention as they spun around the dance floor gracefully at breakneck speed.

Here are a few of our favorite images from the day: