Ode to a Beard, Part 1

This past Winter Dan gave his first attempt at growing a full beard. Alex sacrificed 5 long weeks of bristly kisses while the impressive manfuzz filled out to a thickness reminiscent of a young Abraham Lincoln. When spring rolled around we decided it would be best for Dan to not look homeless during our upcoming wedding season, so the beard had to go. We couldn't bring ourselves to say goodbye without paying our respects the best way we know how: commemoration in an epic photograph. The resulting images will make beards all around the world envious of the luxurious sendoff Dan's received. And before you ask, we will preface by telling you that the sandwich is real! Complete with 2 pounds of bacon (it was a delicious week). The taxidermy was borrowed from Dan's 10-year-old cousin Abby (her first buck). Enjoy:

Here's a BTS pullback shot so you can see how we lit the image to give it a utopian "movie poster" look:

Lastly, we gotta give a loving shout out to our good friends Eric and Marty for helping us with the setup on this shot! Two of the coolest dudes in Iowa right here:


Kelly & Nick (married)

Kelly & Nick did an outstanding job incorporating their favorite places and things into their wedding day. The couple has deep roots at Iowa State University. (If you recall their engagement session, we photographed around campus town and inside the bar where they first met.) Being Cyclone alumni and fans ourselves, we were very excited to receive access to photograph some portraits inside Jack Trice Stadium! It's safe to say the experience was a dream come true for everybody involved and we learned that girls rock at football (see below). Kelly & Nick tied the knot right next to the stadium inside the conservatory at the always beautiful Reiman Gardens. A favorite moment was when Kelly's adorable niece decided to take a nap in her daddy's arms prior her moment to shine as flower girl. After the ceremony the ISU theme was continued when we boarded a CyRide bus for a romantic cruise before the couple's introduction to their reception at the Knapp Storm Dinning Complex. The reception was decorated like a night club with moody purple and blue lights and Kelly & Nick put on a show cutting their zombie wedding cake , which read "Til death do us part..."

ADDY Awards promo poster

Our friends at Rally Collective are in charge of creating the campaign for the Dubuque Addy's this year, and like every project they get themselves involved with – they rocked it! They wanted the campaign's main poster to be photo-dominant so we got together and shot some images at our studio. The incredibly good looking subject is Rob Lombardi, more commonly known as the Michael Phelps of copy-writing (you might recognize him from Rob Shots, arguably the greatest facebook gallery ever). The concept was to create an iconic Olympic-style portrait of a creative professional to get people psyched about competing in the Addy's. Simple and effective. It certainly gets me in the mood to wrestle a bear. There will be videos and additional material to further develop the concept across the campaign. Keep your eye out, it's gonna be good! Here's the front and back of the poster:

And here's an additional image of Rob that didn't make the poster, but is definitely worth sharing. Notice the Dubuque Tower atop the bluff in the background...

We shot lots of behind-the-scenes video of this photoshoot that will surface in the form of a tutorial if we ever get some free time. Lastly... Happy New Year's Eve! Hard to believe it's already 2012. Thanks for a great year!