2011 Platinum Photographer of the Year

This is pretty wild, but after double checking to verify that the judges didn't confuse me for somebody else named Dan I'm excited to share the news with you! If you're a regular on the blog, you might remember that back in February my entries in the Professional Photographers of Iowa print competition won every category that was submitted. After the state competition I sent my prints on to a regional competition, and then onto the Professional Photographer's of America's International Photographic Competition where my images competed against the best work from 22,000 photographers in 54 countries.  I'm very shocked (and a little giddy) to find out that I did rather well...I was named a 2011 Platinum Photographer of the Year. What the heck does that mean? Here's part of the press release from PPA: The level of the award is determined by how many of the photographer's four entries receive the highest possible honor: acceptance into the PPA Loan Collection, which is displayed at photographic exhibitions, conventions and other photography events. McClanahan was named a Platinum Medalist, meaning that three of his four merited images entered the PPA Loan Collection. In 2011 he was one of only 32 Platinum Medalists worldwide.

"These photographers have reached a prestigious achievement," states Dennis Craft, PPA's Photographic Exhibition Committee Chairman. 'The consistent quality required to earn the title of Platinum Medalist in one of the world's most celebrated photography competitions certainly bodes well for their clients, too!"

I must give a HUGE thanks to our clients and our friends that put up with our craziness and allow us to create images like these. What we do wouldn't be possible with out you and you truly are the reason we love our job!   My winning entries were as follows:

"Never Trust A Woman"- This image is a top 10 finisher and will duke it out for a 1st place Grand Imaging Award at Imaging USA in February. This print is also nominated for a Kodak Gallery Elite Award, which will also be announced at Imaging USA.

"Heidi & Neal" - engagement album selected for the Loan Collection. Here's one spread from the album:

"Jill& John" - wedding album selected for the Loan Collection. Here's one spread from the album:

"All American Slam" - merited image:   (GO STATE!)



Kelly & Nick (engaged)

Per Kelly and Nick's brilliant request, we photographed their engagement session in campus town at Iowa State University. We started the session at Chasers, the bar where Kelly and Nick first met while playing beer pong with mutual friends. Some of those friends were able to make it back and join us for part of the session :) Afterwards we walked around and played at meaningful campus town locations, including the Welch Ave Station mural and Cyride buses as they drove by. Kelly and Nick's engagement session was a blast and we can't wait for the wedding!

Liz & Joel

Liz and Joel are a fantastic couple. It's been a genuine pleasure becoming friends with them through working together. Their wedding ceremony was held in Lawrence, Kansas at First Baptist Church with reception following at Abe and Jake's (which is one of the coolest reception venues we've ever seen). The weather was painfully hot and humid, but Liz and Joel didn't let the heat spoil their fun. We improvised and photographed all of their portraits at Abe and Jake's, which ended up providing us with a plethora of great air-conditioned photo-ops. Both Liz and Joel's families were very warm, welcoming and helpful throughout the day which made the wedding even more fun to shoot! The wedding party was rad, and we particularly enjoyed the brown + green color scheme (especially the matching VANS on all the guys). Liz's simplistically classic dress was the icing on the cake :) Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Seiberling!

Also, here's a favorite image from Liz & Joel's engagement session last year that will shed a little light on their fun-loving personalities. This is the classroom where Liz and Joel first met while attending Iowa State University, and we re-created the humble beginnings of their relationship:

Danielle & Travis Engagement

Danielle and Travis are both in the military and have been stationed apart for most of their engagement, but recently came to Iowa together for a brief spell to make arrangements for their wedding later this year. We were able to meet up for an engagement session and had a blast! We were blessed with one of the first (rain free) beautiful Spring days of the year which enabled us to shoot at some sweet outdoors locations next to our new studio. Travis and Danielle’s edgy style and affection for one another made photographing them a very natural and enjoyable experience (but the photos say that better than words). We can’t wait for their wedding!