ADDY Awards promo poster

Our friends at Rally Collective are in charge of creating the campaign for the Dubuque Addy's this year, and like every project they get themselves involved with – they rocked it! They wanted the campaign's main poster to be photo-dominant so we got together and shot some images at our studio. The incredibly good looking subject is Rob Lombardi, more commonly known as the Michael Phelps of copy-writing (you might recognize him from Rob Shots, arguably the greatest facebook gallery ever). The concept was to create an iconic Olympic-style portrait of a creative professional to get people psyched about competing in the Addy's. Simple and effective. It certainly gets me in the mood to wrestle a bear. There will be videos and additional material to further develop the concept across the campaign. Keep your eye out, it's gonna be good! Here's the front and back of the poster:

And here's an additional image of Rob that didn't make the poster, but is definitely worth sharing. Notice the Dubuque Tower atop the bluff in the background...

We shot lots of behind-the-scenes video of this photoshoot that will surface in the form of a tutorial if we ever get some free time. Lastly... Happy New Year's Eve! Hard to believe it's already 2012. Thanks for a great year!

Cartegraph Sneak Peak

We recently had the pleasure of teaming up with designers Sean Murphy and Tom Culbertson to shoot some images for Cartegraph. The company recently re-branded and has been working to create a bold new image for its popular Flex Technology software. We spent two days photographing stylized portraits of government workers and citizens that tell the story of Cartegaph products in action. Rob Lombardi assisted me on the shoot + created a promotional video for Cargegraph (see it here).

Here's a peek at a couple of the images that were unveiled recently at Cartegraph's user conference (in the form of 86" banners!!):

Look for a more extensive post later this year showcasing the completed project + some fun behind the scenes showing what went into the images.