PTVBYD: Tom Thumb

Welcome to our first installment of PTVBYD: Places To Visit Before You Die! In our line of work we do a lot of driving through the middle of nowhere, and a lot of times the stuff you find in the middle of nowhere is fantastically awesome. This past weekend we drove to Okaboji, IA for a wedding and stumbled upon an incredible gem of a place called Tom Thumb Hamburgers in Fort Dodge, IA. Walking into it was like walking into an idealized painting of 1960's Americana. The employees were genuinely super friendly and the food was old school with a taste and charm that is lost in modern day fast food. We snapped some photos on our Droid to show you the charm of the interior:

The best part? A huge selection of homemade pie! Huge slices at a reasonable price. We decided if we lived in Fort Dodge we'd eat here everyday and become morbidly obese. Like eating grandma's home cooking whenever you feel like it.

It's hard to describe flavor through a terrible cell-phone photo, but our food had a taste above and beyond that of a normal hamburger. It's like our burgers were laced with liquid love. Here's a look at our food:

And the Best Part (I know I already said the best part is the pie, but I think this trumps it)?!?! $0.25 mustache machine! We only had one quarter and our mustache came out blonde, but was surprisingly high quality considering the price:

It would be worth driving to Fort Dodge with a sack full of quarters just to clean out this machine and have disguises for every occasion. If your travels ever take you down Highway 20, save a little extra time to make a stop at this place. It will be more than worth it. With utmost sincerity, we give Tom Thumb a "Thumbs Up":