Wedding Ideas: Bridesmaid Dress Color Spectrum

Choose a color spectrum and have every bridesmaid pick out any dress they love in that palette. Either make a mood board by cutting out shades from magazines, or drop by a paint store to grab some swatches. Then copy and mail it to each of the girls and let them go shopping! Make sure to have everyone text you a photo of their winner before cutting off the tags – just in case two girls choose the same dress. We loved how the flowers pulled all the colors together perfectly. To see more from Elizabeth & Marc's rustic wedding, click here!

Fashion Shoot with Sarah Bennett

We haven’t blogged since July, and we’ve heard recently from a few of you readers that you miss us!Quick note: season 1 of McClanahan Studio has gone splendidly and we’ve been busy with a ton of work, hence our absence from the blog-0-sphere. Our workload is dying down and we’re sitting on a gold mine of new work that will be posted in the near future. Hold us to it! FYI – we upload new work to our facebook page multiple times per week, so follow us on there in the meantime! Anyhow, our friend Sarah is a fashion design student and hired us to shoot some photos for her portfolio. The following are images of a 3-dress series she designed. Thanks to our FANTASTIC models Jill, Hannah and Alex (if you follow our work, you probably recognize all three of them).

And if by chance you are reading this and you are a) a high school girl in need of a custom prom dress, b) a bride-to-be in search of the perfect wedding dress or c) just a groovy gal or dude that wants a sweet dress: send us an email and we’ll put you in touch with Sarah! She loves taking on custom jobs and does great work at an affordable price.