Merry Christmas 2013!

Here's our personal Christmas card from 2013! This has been posted on social media for quite a while now, but we wanted to blog it for those that haven't seen it and for archival purposes. This year's card is a drastic departure from the goofy composited cards of year's past (see them here: 2009201020112012). We photographed these images on location at about 10:3opm in a field off of 13th st in Ames. The tree and snow are lit up by a flash behind us, and our faces are spot-lit by a gridded flash to camera left. Contrary to speculation, this isn't a photoshop composite - it was really snowing and really cold! We had to take frequent breaks to jump back in the car and warm up before continuing to shoot, but it was absolutely worth it. We had help from our friends Nathan and Elena (of Dust Studios) and had quite a fun time playing in the snow with them. We hope you had restful holidays and are kicking  butt in 2014! McClanahan Studio in Ames Iowa Christmas Card photographed on a snowy night in Ames, Iowa, quoting "Oh Holy Night" McClanahan Studio in Ames Iowa Christmas Card photographed on a snowy night in Ames, Iowa, quoting "Oh Holy Night"


Hubs and Dubs Redux

If you've known us for a while, you might remember our Hubs and Dubs (husband and wife) superhero halloween costumes from our first year as a married couple. Alex sewed our costumes and we tore up Ames in heroic twitterpated fashion. Here's our self portrait from that night that started it all:

Well, we're super excited that our friend and former client Benjamin Mackey was willing to reincarnate Hubs and Dubs via his amazing illustrative vision. Benjamin is an extremely talented artist and you should check out his work here. He's currently freelancing, so if you need custom illustration he will rock your world. Here's what he made for us:

We like the mods he made to our costumes and can't wait to get these hung up in our home!

McStudio's New Ride

If you see an orange box of awesomeness whizzing around Ames, chances are it's our new ride! We sadly said goodbye to Bob (our 95' Ford Contour) and we're saying hello to our yet-to-be-named Honda Element. It's a significant upgrade for studio purposes because it holds crazy amounts of stuff when you take the back seats out. Not to mention the suicide doors make it feel like we're driving our very own Turtle Van (which is a childhood dream come true for both of us). If you're working with us this summer, you may very well get a ride in the tangerine machine! To commemorate this significant event we documented the new wheels for strictly historical purposes: