Sabbatical Part 1: Colorado

Hello! In case you haven't heard, we recently embarked upon 2011 McClanahan Studio Winter Sabbatical. According to definition, a sabbatical is the following: "A period of time when a faculty member is not working , but concentrating on his/her own education or research."

We are taking an epic road trip intertwined with work and play (all educational, of course). We loaded up our 1995 Ford Contour, "Bob," and hit the road immediately following the PPI conference mentioned in the previous blog post. Here's us and Bob, tearing up the asphalt in style:

We started our trip with play...Over the weekend we met up with Alex's brother Josh + his wife Steph + our friend Jess at Copper Mountain in Colorado for some epic snowboarding. Here's the whole crew:

Somehow we got talked into taking a snowcat and hiking to the top of the toughest slope at the resort (where no lifts go, because it's where all the fresh powder was) and somehow managed to avoid death. Here's proof:

And some more random snaps (all taken with our Droid X, which has a surprisingly good camera)

From Colorado we drove to Utah to spend a couple days hiking in the wilderness and photographing landscapes (where we are currently). Tomorrow we drive to Vegas to teach at After Dark: Vegas and hang out at WPPI. You won't want to miss our next Sabbatical post – we've been fortunate to witness some breathtaking stuff the last couple days and we're pumped out of our minds to get some shots edited so we can share them! Gotta give a shout out to Peter and Kathy Holcombe (check out their web site) for helping us map out our route through Utah and letting us spend the night at their place on the first leg of our drive! They'll also be teaching at After Dark :)

More soon...