Linda & Jon (married)

Linda and Jon were rainy day troopers! It poured most of the morning during portraits, but we were able to find sanctuary under umbrellas as well as in our studio. We're thankful for their great attitudes so we could still take great portraits of them! Rain is no match for great chemistry, which Linda and Jon have in spades. Their ceremony took place at St. Malachy’s Catholic Church in Madrid with reception following at the beautiful new ISU Alumni Building. We took a party bus cruise with the wedding party while the guests enjoyed cocktails. The rain cleared up so we could make a stop on Iowa State's campus, where Linda and Jon first met, to burn off some energy and take some fun photos (see below). At the reception Linda decorated every detail with gorgeous shades of pink, creating a beautifully modern floral ambiance. Overall the day was a blast and we're honored we got to be a part of it. Long live Linda and Jon!

Eating the Iowa State Fair

On Sunday we ventured down to Des Moines for the last few hours of the Iowa State Fair (the greatest fair EVER, from what we've been told). Many of the attractions and animals were closed down, but let's be honest - we really just went to stuff our faces. We entered the fair with good friends, empty stomachs, a point-and-shoot camera and an open mind to try new things. We left with much more than that. My personal favorite indulgence was the Deep-Fried Oreos. No comments about how we're going to die young. Alex is still cleansing us from the experience with vegetables. Please enjoy this montage of our foray into greasetopia:

Downtown NYC

Last year when we were in New York for Mindy and Pablo's amazing wedding we decided to extend our trip a little bit a do some sight seeing. We spent one night in downtown NYC walking around gawking at the vastness of everything. In the city that never sleeps, we didn't sleep much, and as a result we got some pretty sweet photos. Starting out, here's the view of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn. We were there the week preceding September 11th and they had memorial beams shooting out of ground zero that lit up the night sky.

Our travels wouldn't be complete without a self-portrait. As usual, this was shot with a tripod + 10 second self timer (we got fancy and used a flash on this one).

Our hotel was pretty close to Times Square so we got to walk through it on a few different occasions. Here it is in late afternoon (the perfect time of day when both the sky above and the man-made chaos below can be captured together):

And here it is again at 2am:

There were so many people and so much stuff to look at that we could do crazy stuff and nobody showed any interest. For example, here's Dan showing off his new kangaroo leg implants:

Lastly, one more self portrait: