Linda & Jon (married)

Linda and Jon were rainy day troopers! It poured most of the morning during portraits, but we were able to find sanctuary under umbrellas as well as in our studio. We're thankful for their great attitudes so we could still take great portraits of them! Rain is no match for great chemistry, which Linda and Jon have in spades. Their ceremony took place at St. Malachy’s Catholic Church in Madrid with reception following at the beautiful new ISU Alumni Building. We took a party bus cruise with the wedding party while the guests enjoyed cocktails. The rain cleared up so we could make a stop on Iowa State's campus, where Linda and Jon first met, to burn off some energy and take some fun photos (see below). At the reception Linda decorated every detail with gorgeous shades of pink, creating a beautifully modern floral ambiance. Overall the day was a blast and we're honored we got to be a part of it. Long live Linda and Jon!

AD:Vegas Rockstar Photography

***If you're going to After Dark: Cincinnati, use our super awesome code "MAC" to receive $50 off your registration!*** This is pt 2 of a series of posts featuring the classes we teach at After Dark Education events. If you missed Pt 1, check it here. Anywho, Rockstar Photography is one of our absolute favorite classes! The purpose of the class is to break rules and experiment with creative lighting and posing that photographers wouldn't traditionally use in an on-the-job situation. Techniques taught in the class can be used to increase creativity in your group photos (meaning wedding parties, families, etc) and cause your brain cogs to churn in brand new ways. If applied, this will improve your overall artistry and allow your work to stand out from the horde of same-looking photographs currently flooding the world.

For our Vegas class we were given a really cool rock band to work with! We started out doing something we've never done before (because that's the point of the class) and blended some red gels with ambient light to create a psychedelic reality:

This shot is from the exact same location, only the artificial lights were removed and we shot a long exposure using strictly ambient light. Thanks to our class attendees for creating wonderfully ambiance-enhancing blurs:

We shot some quick individuals on some nasty wallpaper with a ring flash. NOT flattering or traditional, but that's what's awesome about it:

And lastly, we took our 3 flashes and put wonky colored gels on them for a creative shot using the natural architecture of the Last Vegas Hilton (where the event took place). We call this one Rainbow Road :)

We'll be teaching this class again in Cincinnati, so if you're intrigued - come check it out!

Mindy & Pablo

Mindy and Pablo's New York City wedding was a blast to photograph! The day started with Mindy getting ready at Club Quarters Hotel near Times Square. We had a little spare time to hit the streets and shoot some NYC style bridal portraits (see bottom right) before heading to The Church of Our Lady of the Good Counsel for the couple's nuptial mass. The church's interior was breathtakingly intricate and truly a site to behold. It provided a perfect backdrop for Mindy and Pablo to pledge their vows to God and to each other. A cool and unique aspect of Mindy and Pablo's wedding is that they had no wedding party. Instead, their parents stood by them during the ceremony and their siblings were very involved in the mass and throughout the day. After the ceremony the couple hailed a cab outside the church and we cruised to The Water Club, where we photographed some cool portraits before entering the floating reception aboard the Skyline Princess. Mindy's parents traveled from Alabama, some of Pablo's relatives traveled from Argentina, and other guests traveled from all over the country. The resulting mix created a very fun party! Despite the ship rocking back and forth, the dance floor hosted some of the most quality move-busting we've ever witnessed at a wedding. We were able to sneak the newlyweds out on the ship's bow as we passed the Statue of Liberty to shoot a few more portraits to close the day:

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to Mindy's family for hanging out with us and treating us like family during our stay! It was an unforgettable experience and definitely a great shooting opportunity for us. Mindy and Pablo, we have no doubt that you're going to live your marriage to the fullest and sincerely wish you the best!