Jocelyn Part 1

It's no secret that working with musicians is one of our favorite things to do. There isn't much of a scene in central Iowa, so when an Iowa band comes along that's kicking butt and taking names – it's pretty darn exciting. Jocelyn is headquartered in Iowa City and is on the verge of releasing their first EP. You can hear their first single on their Facebook page. We got a sneak preview of the EP and it's gonna be good! It's We photographed promo images for the band in 2 parts, the second of which will be released down the road. Enjoy part 1 and make sure you check out their tunes and share the love!

The Magazines

The Magazines is a new band from Ames/Des Moines whose initial lineup is comprised of veterans from some of the coolest bands ever to invade Central Iowa’s eardrums (The Lifestyle, Stallions Versus Unicorns, River and the Tributaries, James And James and The Envy Corps, to name a few). Their ideology is the power of community and the strength of friendship (sort of like inverted emo) and they’re prepping to take the world by storm. They’re currently in the studio and will very shortly release an album that’s guaranteed to be worth listening to (many, many, many guest appearances from the sexiest voices this side of the Des Moines River), so check out their web site and start stalking! We did a promo shoot for the band, and here’s preview of the first few images to be released to the public:

Photographically, this is the first shoot I’ve done with my new Canon 580 speedlights (they’re powered by AA’s and small enough to fit in my camera bag), and I’m super happy with how great they worked. Incase you’re wondering: Scott (the yellow shirt dude) is really jumping that high. All I did was lay on the pavement and click the shutter. There will be more images to come (hint: that orange guitar was completely destroyed in more ways than one), and these guys will be playing shows like crazy this summer. There’s nothing like supporting your friendly neighborhood artist, so be sure and catch a show. Not only will the music be hawt, you may be fortunate enough to witness Scott jump in person! More to come <3