McClaniversary 3!

Salutations! Today is our 3-year wedding anniversary! It's insane how fast 3 years has gone by and how grateful we are that God brought us together. Simply put, marriage is the bomb. Mushy stuff aside, we recently completed creating our very own wedding album. A little belated, but we've been busy creating albums for our amazing clients and have gotten a lot of practice in the art - so the wait was probably a blessing in disguise. As part of the process Alex needed me to dress up in my wedding suit (from express for all you curious fashionable folk) so she could photograph me in her personal style for a spread in the album. If you recall 1 year ago today we posted a series of images that I photographed of Alex doing outrageous things in her wedding dress (in my style, which resulted in some of my favorite images ever). There's something particularly enjoyable about photographing your own spouse. For all you married folks out there - much respect from us! Keep fighting the good fight. We're inspired by the anniversary dance at each and every wedding reception and we secretly hope to someday be the barely-standing couple with huge denture smiles that wins the prize for being married the longest :) Alex's shoot with me was short and sweet, but here are a few of the resulting images: