Wedding Testimonial

If you’re checking out our blog looking for wedding content, there will be a lot of new stuff coming soon! In the meantime, I thought I’d post a testimonial from Megan Gray, a bride we worked with last summer. Megan lives in Washington D.C. and hired Dan to shoot her wedding in Pacific City, Oregon. If you’re considering hiring us and you want to know what makes us stand out from the competition, this will hopefully give you a little insight: We hired Dan for our destination wedding in Pacific City, Oregon. Being that we live on the east coast, Dan lives in the midwest, and the wedding was on the west coast, it goes without saying that we picked Dan for his style and expertise, not because he was local or convenient.  Dan was by far the best choice we made in planning our wedding, and we’ll have the beautiful photos he took of our most special day for the rest of our lives. What I love about his style is his eye for those special, sincere, candid moments, and of course his vibrant and dynamic image quality. they are truly unique and I can’t tell you how impressed and amazed everyone, of every age, who sees our photos has been. Beyond that, Dan was an absolute pleasure to work with. His personality changes the impersonal relationship between photographer and subjects, as he sort of becomes part of the event itself. We really wanted him to be a part of our family for the weekend, and he couldn’t have fit in better. The photos turned out better, I think, because Dan causes people to feel comfortable around him. That said, we were also impressed by his level of professionalism, the quick turnaround of proofs, and the ratio of pictures we loved to pictures he took. Almost every click of his camera is useable and amazing. All in all, we loved working with Dan and are just waiting to have another excuse to hire him.

-megan nicole gray