Ben & Jen

Ben and Jen have a particularly magical story. The couple first met and started dating at Ames High School, but put their relationship on hold go to separate colleges. They’re the couple that everybody knew was destined to live happily ever after, so their engagement was welcomed with great joy and enthusiasm by their family and friends! Almost the entire wedding party consisted of old friends from Ames High, so we had the chance to stop by the Ames High track on the limo ride to the reception (most of them were track athletes, so the scene was very fitting). The chemistry and depth of the bridal party’s relationships was in a league of its own, which made for a plethora of hilarious and emotional moments (AKA a wedding photographer’s dream). Other venues used throughout the day include: Marc Stephens salon, E-Free Church, and Gateway Hotel. Looking back I feel sincerely blessed to have been invited to witness and document this amazing union.